Barry ZeVan

Barry ZeVan on Vimeo

Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Barry ZeVan

Inducted 2013

Barry ZeVan will always be remembered here in the Twin Cities as KSTP-TV’s “Peek-a-Boo” Weatherman, garnering a record-breaking 51 percent share of the audience with his infectious presentation.  Barry’s career started in Pittsburgh, singing on KDKA radio when he was just five years old.  He was trained as an actor in New York and appeared on several national TV series and radio shows.  He served as a Meteorological Technician while in the Air Force, becoming one of the country’s first formally trained TV weathermen.  After stints on TV stations in Montana, Canada, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, he came to KSTP-TV in 1970 and became immediately popular for his energetic and engaging style.  He also hosted The Ski Scene, about his favorite avocation.  With regret, he left Minnesota in 1974, but returned in 1983 to KARE-TV as entertainment editor, weekend weatherman, and ski show host.  Among Barry’s many subsequent accomplishments is his 2006 Telly Award-winning documentary American Indian Homelands, which was featured on PBS and ABC stations nationwide.  Barry continues to be a fixture on local media, delivering unique perspectives on his broadcasting career, travels via his Emmy-nominated documentaries, and the many celebrities with whom he worked, who were and are his lifelong close friends.

Inducted September 29, 2013