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Roger Erickson

2001 Charter Inductee

The man who made school closing announcements an art form, Roger Erickson may be best remembered as a member of one of the most successful partnerships in Minnesota radio. He grew up on a farm near Winthrop and studied speech and theater at the University of Minnesota, where he appeared in productions such as Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and wrote and produced programs for in-school listening at the university station, KUOM. He joined WAVN Stillwater in 1951, served two years in the US Army, returned to WAVN, and moved to WCCO Minneapolis/Saint Paul in 1959, serving as an announcer, and also appearing as "Bozo the Clown" on WCCO TV. For many years listeners woke up with his 5:00 AM program. In 1961 he hosted an afternoon show airing just before Charlie Boone's program. The two began to chat and trade jokes on each other's shows, and a great radio team was born. "Boone and Erickson" was a perfect vehicle for his storytelling, acting, and writing talents, and for many years was one of the most popular programs in the region. After years of getting up before 4:00 AM, he retired in 1998, but remains active in numerous community activities and events.